Our 2nd stop was Chattanooga!

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Kylie in her cowboy hat
The triangle shaped pool at our hotel
Shaun sitting down to his favorite meal!
The brick couch in downtown Chattanooga
Kylie's first handsome cab ride!
Kylie making nice to the handsome cab's horse
On the incline railway
This was a STEEP ride!
A sea dragon!
One of the exhibits at the aquarium
Part of the landscape at the Chattanooga aquarium
A statue outside the aquarium
Stopping for a rest as we walk up Lookout Mountain
Kylie and the falcon
Kylie petting the nice birdie
Ummm...are you sure this is secure!?!
Atop Lookout Mountain
The waterfall atop Lookout Mountain
Nice view!
Inside the "Enchanted Caves"
Time for a break!
Inside the caves to Ruby Falls
Cool rock formations
Ruby Falls...1,000 feet underground!!!
You expect me to eat This!?!